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It was founded by a merchant, Fabrica de Agrafe și Piepteni. The company had 22 people at the time of its foundation, and its headquarters were at 175 Calea Clujului.


The factory grows and exports products all over Europe. In 1929 it is the victim of a fire and burns down completely. It is rebuilt from the ground up and equipped with modern facilities. It produces combs, paper clips, cigarette holders, table tennis balls and sunglasses. During the interwar period, the company employed 200 people.


Along with all Romanian industry, the factory is nationalized, becoming state property.


After a series of mergers with local companies in the field, in 1957 the moulds section of a Timisoara company was added to the company. At that time, the moulds were used to make punching, stamping and bakelite moulds.


The company is renamed Fabrica de Mase Plastice Viitorul.
In the 1960s new buildings were constructed for the production workshops and the administration building which is still in use today.


Plastics injection moulding, extrusion blow moulding, brush implantation, thermoforming and strip extrusion capabilities are developed. Toy assembly becomes an increasingly important part of the company’s activities.


New locations are being built: the mould shop and the toy assembly workshop. More than 250 moulds and about 200 toy assortments were produced each year.


New technologies are introduced to make self-adhesive labels, metallised foils, stamping foils or metallised injected objects.


The production capacities for toys, injected zippers and household items (bins, containers) are developed and modernised.


The production of household and industrial brushes is separated into an independent company Perind SA. The Viitorul factory is transformed into the Plastor SA trading company, which is then owned by the Romanian state.


In 1991 Plator started its programme of participation in domestic trade fairs in Bucharest and Constanta, where the Plator stands were always modern and innovative.
1992 saw the first participation in an international trade fair under the national pavilion at the Vienna Consumer Goods Fair.


A collaboration contract is signed with the French company Salomon for the production of ski boots.


The company is privatised by buying it from the Romanian state. Plastor becomes a privately owned company with 100% Romanian capital. It produced toys, various household items, household and industrial brushes, industrial parts, extruded foils and yarns and moulds for its own products.


In order to better meet the requirements of the market economy, Plastor SA is organised as a group, setting up 5 subsidiaries (legally separate companies):
PERGO (brushes, labels)
MONITA (toys, games)
RECOLO (plastics recycling and production of monofilaments, foils, baling tapes, raffia)
TRANSIOR (transport)
PROMOTIC (wholesale and retail trade).


The company is certified in the field of quality management with the German company DQS according to ISO 9001.
The company restructures into 3 production divisions:
Division 1: household and industrial products
Division 2: technical products and moulds
Division 3: sports equipment.


First participation in the international trade fair for mould and equipment manufacturers: Euromold, Frankfurt/Main, Germany (the company participated in this event for 11 consecutive years until 2012).


The LIVARO subsidiary, part of the Plastor group, specialized in sewing processes, is established in Livada, Bihor county.
Plastor celebrates its 90th anniversary.
Production of lawnmowers begins for the German company Brill.


First participation in the international trade fair Fakuma Friedrichshafen, Germany, an exhibition dedicated to manufacturers and processors of plastics (mainly injection moulding) and machinery manufacturers in the field. The company is continuing its series of participations in this event.


Major investments are made in injection machines (100-1100tf).
Lesto SRL is established, a company whose object of activity is construction.


Developing the production of components for the automotive industry, Plastor SA obtains quality system certification according to ISO TS 16949 with the German company DQS.


Plastor Trading is established, which takes over the sale and distribution of consumer goods made in the Plastor Group. It subsequently expands its business by importing household goods from all over the world and develops a high-performance distribution network.
Pereno, a subsidiary specialising in the production of ski bindings, is established.


Certification of the environmental management system according to ISO14001 is obtained with the German company DQS.
Plastis SRL is established in Vadu Crișului, Bihor county, a company that produces, by injection and extrusion-blow moulding, consumer and industrial goods.


PG Turism SRL is established, consisting of the Lyra Hotel and a travel agency.


Plastor’s new location on Gutenberg Street, a short distance from the company’s head office, is given over.


Plastor is celebrating its 100th anniversary. On this occasion, a book is being published which records all the important events of this long history.


First participation of the company at the largest international trade fair for plastics manufacturers and processors: K Duesseldorf, Germany.


The company’s first participation at the Moulding Expo Stuttgart, the trade fair for mould makers, suppliers of steel and moulded parts.


The capacity of the extrusion blow-moulding workshop is developed by investing in a machine produced by the Italian company Soffiaggio Tecnica.


The year 2022 brought the relaunch of the investment programme, which had slowed down during the pandemic. Injection machines are purchased from Engel, with 1300, 650 and 120 tf clamping force.


After 2 years of pandemonium and a smaller edition in 2021 in terms of both exhibitors and visitors, Fakuma 2023 was a royalty for manufacturers of raw materials, machinery, auxiliary equipment and plastic parts. We were there.


In 2024 we proudly celebrate 110 years of existence, experience and professionalism. We would like to thank all our partners who have been with us all these years and thanks to whom we can celebrate this anniversary!